PLN 185, 000 presented to those in need as a result of “JohnnyBros Christmas Charity” action

Pln 185 000 presented to those in need as a result of johnnybros christmas charity action

JohnnyBros Foundation supported those in need with PLN 185,000 as a result of this year’s “JohnnyBros Christmas Charity”, an annual charity action which has been organised every year since 2014. The idea of the action is to make it possible for employees to provide support to people or organisations which are important to them.

“Christmas Charity” is an annual charity action organised by our company at Christmas time. As a part of this initiative, we decide together to which people or organisations the money from JohnnyBros aid fund should be donated. Each employee can submit one proposal. This year, the employees listed 26 organisations or individuals that are important to them and that they would like to support.

In total, in this year’s edition of “JohnnyBros Christmas Charity”, we gave PLN 185,000 to those in need. Funds were donated, for example, to an integration centre for people with mental disabilities, a children’s home or an organisation fighting for animal rights. Part of the employees' proposals included particular individuals or families that need help. Many of them were children who, as a result of a disease or an accident require funds for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

“It’s amazing that we can have a real impact on matters which are important to us. Practically all of us know somebody who is dealing with some kind of tragedy and such support is extremely needed by these people. We can see it when we receive thank you notes, which sometimes are very moving”, says Jakub Zyskowski from JohnnyBros.

The funds were donated also to foreign foundations, such as a foundation fighting a malnutrition problem in Kenya or a foundation from Togo which offers children living in the streets social and educational support to give them a chance to improve their situation and live a happy life thanks to received education.

“I proposed a Hungarian foundation which I supported myself as a volunteer, when I lived in Hungary. The foundation, by providing education and after-school programmes, supports disadvantaged children and fights for equal opportunities in the society for them”, says Eszter Szőnyei, Junior Content Manager in JohnnyBros.

“My friend runs a children’s home and a football academy in Honduras, trying to help abandoned children to get back to the society. I know how much children in this country need help since international humanitarian organisations don’t provide too much support in this part of the world. I am happy we can help them”, adds Bas de Natris, SEO Content Senior Team Leader.

Funds were also given to a family of four from Pruszcz Gdański, which, due to COVID-19 pandemics and health problems, began to live on the edge of poverty. The fuel which we have bought will ensure the warmth not only during Christmas but the whole winter.

“We initiated Christmas Charity in 2014, when our team had only a few members. The idea was to make it possible for the employees to provide help to those of their family members or friends who needed it the most. The office used to be transformed into a big Santa Claus factory and the whole team was involved in collecting clothes and cleaning products, preparing packages with food, buying vouchers or other things necessary and useful in everyday life. We are happy that, every year, as our company develops, we can devote more funds to help, also across the borders”, says about the beginnings of “Christmas Charity” Julian Pawlukiewicz, its initiator and the founder of JohnnyBros Foundation.

During all eight editions of “JohnnyBros Christmas Charity”, those in need received over PLN 500,000.

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