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Respite Care Center - Centrum Opieki Wytchnieniowej (COW)

Respite care center in gdansk

In February 2022, as part of the Hospice Foundation initiative, the construction of the first Respite Care Center (Centrum Opieki Wytchnieniowej or COW) in Gdansk began. Thanks to the support of donors the building is growing fast. The initiative was also supported by the JohnnyBros Foundation (strategic donor of the project), donating PLN 6 million for this purpose. According to the forecasts, the first patients should be admitted already in mid-2023. Although the construction of the center goes according to plan, it was not without difficulties. High inflation and an increase in the prices of materials meant that the construction cost increased to PLN 30 million and additional funds are needed to finish the project. The Hospice Foundation needs support.

What is the Respite Care Center?

At the beginning, it is worth explaining what respite care is. It is a type of assistance offered to families and caregivers in caring for people with disabilities - both children and adults. Its main task is to relieve them of their daily duties, give them time to look after their own needs or simply allow them to rest. The Respite Center facility will provide assistance in the field of nursing, rehabilitation and therapeutics. It will provide as many as 60 places for sick or disabled, including 20 places for a daily stay.

How will the Respite Care Center work?

The Respite Care Center in Gdansk will offer temporary assistance, depending on the needs of caregivers. It will be possible to use it from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., but also for a 24-hour stay - up to 14 days, and even up to 30 days in the case of longer convalescence. The center will also offer care at the patient's home, thanks to which the caregiver will be able to go about their errands.

In addition to professional care, the patients will be able to spend time in a friendly environment and participate in engaging activities. On the other hand, caregivers will be able to receive psychological support, legal advice or learn about home caring. Additionally, they will be able to participate in support groups and benefit from therapy.

Respite Care Center in Gdansk

The Respite Care Center in the Tri-City is to help the seriously ill and their families. It is undoubtedly an invaluable support for all family carers in their daily struggles. The construction of the Center fits perfectly into the social campaign of the Hospice Foundation, "Notice, understand, support - #podarujurlop", which helps to publicize and understand the situation of many families in our province. There are more than several thousand people who will be happy to welcome help from the Center.

Finishing works and interior furnishing, including medical equipment, are currently underway. Additional funds are still needed to complete equipping the Respite Centre.

Unfortunately, as a non-governmental organization, the Hospice Foundation itself has to raise money to build the Center. Initially, the cost of the investment was estimated at PLN 20 million. Support was provided by numerous donors - including the strategic donor of the project, the JohnnyBros Foundation, in the amount of PLN 6 million. The ground-breaking ceremony was held, the symbolic cornerstone was laid with the traditional topping-out ceremony taking place at the beginning of 2023. Construction has proceeded at an impressive pace, and the progress of the work is extremely dynamic despite the enormous challenges. However, compared to the original assumptions, the amount of the investment has increased by approximately PLN 10 million due to the increase in equipment prices and construction costs.

Respite Care Center in Gdansk

The official opening of the Respite Care Center took place on September 27, 2023. People who want to use the facility can now report their needs by contacting the Hospice Foundation. The first patients arrived at the center at the beginning of September.

The completion of the construction of the Center is a huge success, but as the operations begin, new financial needs arise. To support the facility's operations, the help of investors and donors is still needed.

“We are glad that the JohnnyBros Foundation could support this project. Respect is a very important issue in our organization. Respect for work, for knowledge, for technology, and the changing world, but above all, respect for other people. I am very glad that we can give our respect to people outside our organization," added the founder of the JohnnyBros Foundation, Julian Pawlukiewicz.

Opening of the Respite Care Center in Gdansk
How do you report your willingness to use the services COW offers, and who can receive support?

COW in Gdańsk is intended for residents of the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship. To receive support, please complete the forms available on the website opiekawytchnieniowa.pl.

Completed and signed documents - application form, needs diagnosis, GDPR declaration, photocopy of the disability certificate (or current information about the disease in the absence of a certificate) - can be delivered to the headquarters of the Hospice Foundation in Gdańsk in person or by post to the following address: Hospice Foundation - Respite Care Center, ul. M. Kopernika 17C, 80-208 with the note "OPIEKA WYTCHNIENIOWA" or send by e-mail to centrum@opiekawytchnieniowa.pl

How can you support the activities of the Respite Care Center?

We encourage everyone who wants to support the activities of the Respite Care Center in Gdańsk to provide financial support. Payments can be made to the JohnnyBros Foundation bank account: 21 2490 0005 0000 4530 2438 5795 (with the note: "Respite Care Center") or directly to the Hospice Foundation account: 60 1540 1098 2001 5562 3339 0002.

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