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“Supporting entrepreneurs” – 2nd edition of JohnnyBros initiative to address the negative impact of the pandemic

Supporting entrepreneurs 2nd edition of johnnybros initiative to address the negative impact of the pandemic

We are proud to announce the success of the second edition of #WspieramyPrzedsiębiorców (#SupportingEntrepreneurs) programme which helps to fight the negative effects of COVID-19. The programme was dedicated to entrepreneurs that we cooperate with or have cooperated with during many years of our activity. We devoted PLN 100 000 to this cause.

Thanks to our great determination, we managed to quickly perform the steps to help the entrepreneurs. After the assessment of submitted applications, on the same day, we sent information about accepting them to all applicants, so that the financial support could immediately be obtained by them. Each of our partners who suffered from the negative effects of the pandemic received from us PLN 5,000.

One of the beneficiaries was statuetkiszklane.pl company – a studio designing beautiful custom hand-made glass statuettes. Although the restrictions did not relate directly to their business activities, the limitations connected to the entertainment industry and the ban on organisation of conferences, trade fairs or exhibitions, etc. meant the lack of new orders and an uncertain future for this company. They thanked us for the support in the best way they could – they melted, dyed and formed the glass to create this beautiful statuette, custom-made for JohnnyBros, which you can see in the picture below.

We are happy that in this difficult time, we could support entrepreneurs. Together, we can achieve more #WeAreTheTeam!

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