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The inauguration of the construction of the Respite Care Center in Gdansk. The JohnnyBros Foundation supports the initiative with a 6 million grant

The inauguration of the construction of the respite care center in gdansk the johnnybros foundation supports the initiative with a 6 million grant

On February 11th, on the World Day of the Sick, the construction of the Respite Care Center was inaugurated. The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was conducted by the President of the Board of the Hospice Foundation, donor partners and local media, also joined by Julian Pawlukiewicz, the founder of the JohnnyBros Foundation - the strategic donor of the project.

The first respite center in Gdansk

The Respite Care Center is the first facility of this type in Gdansk, and at the same time one of the few places in Poland which will be available to elderly, terminally ill and disabled people. Thanks to it, their direct caregivers can entrust their relatives to specialists who will provide professional assistance on a daily or 24-hour basis for a specified time, including nursing, rehabilitation and therapeutic services. This is very important, because the topic of carers of people requiring round-the-clock care is very neglected in Poland, and such initiatives allow them to regain hope that someone notices the important social role they play. In various variants, 90 families will be able to use it every day. Thanks to this, the relatives of the ill, who are often exhausted by many years of duties related to the care, have the opportunity to rest and obtain not only the physical but also the mental support.

The initiator and executor of this enormous project, estimated at PLN 20 million, is the Hospice Foundation, a non-governmental organisation which runs, inter alia, the Hospice named after priest E. Dutkiewicz in Gdansk. The Respite Care Center will be built in the area provided for this purpose by the City of Gdansk. The completion of the construction works at Kopernika Street is planned for 2023.

PLN 6 million in subsidies from the strategic sponsor - the JohnnyBros Foundation

JohnnyBros, which is dynamically operating, among others, to support and develop the local community, is also a long-term partner of the Hospice Foundation. It has many charity campaigns noticed and appreciated by the President of the City of Gdansk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, who in 2019 awarded the founder of the JohnnyBros Foundation with the title of “Gdański Darczyńca Roku” ("Gdansk Donor of the Year"). This is the first time, when a project is on such a large scale.

As part of the construction of the Center, the JohnnyBros Foundation, which is the strategic sponsor, offered PLN 6 million in support. “We are proud to be able to support the construction of the Respite Care Center, which is a very noble and much needed initiative. We are glad that we are constantly increasing the level of responsibility and social solidarity in Gdansk through various activities, the best example of which is the construction of this center. With our gesture and commitment, we would like to thank the Hospice Foundation, which for many years has been helping the people of Gdansk in most need. What they do really deserves recognition" - says Julian Pawlukiewicz, the founder and President of the Management Board of the JohnnyBros Foundation.

Due to the huge scale of the project, the collection of donations to finance it is still in progress. We encourage all those who would also like to support the creation of the Center, to make payments which can be transferred to the Hospice Foundation's account: 60 1540 1098 2001 5562 3339 0002.

For more information, visit the Hospice Foundation website.

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