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The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the Respite Care Centre in Gdansk

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the centre for endurance care in gdansk

On June 3rd 2022, another important step in the construction of the Respite Care Centre, an initiative of the Hospice Foundation named after priest E. Dutkiewicz SAC in Gdansk has taken place. Among the donors, local authorities and volunteers of the Hospice Foundation a symbolic laying of the foundation stone took place. The ceremony was attended by Julian Pawlukiewicz - founder of the JohnnyBros Foundation, the main donor of the project.

The ceremony took place at the construction site of the Centre, which is being built at an impressive pace. Not long ago, we took part in the symbolic shovel driving, and now we could see the whole development taking shape.

The laying of the cornerstone was given an extra dimension. Each of the guests present brought their own stone as a symbolic contribution to the emerging Centre. Behind some of them there are interesting personal stories. This highlighted the efforts of the many people and institutions involved in this project.

"I brought this stone from the MOSiR (municipal sports and recreation centre) pitch located in Zielonogorska Street in Gdansk, where it all really began" - said Julian Pawlukiewicz. "It was there that I kicked the ball for the first time and got to know my passion for sport. Unfortunately, an injury at a young age prevented me from playing further.
 However, the game was not over for me. Today, I play in the team representing the Respite Care Centre and I am very proud of that".

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the work to progress and for the Respite Care Centre to start operating as soon as possible, which is much needed by many patients and their carers.

laying of the foundation stone for the centre for endurance care
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