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The traditional topping out ceremony at the Respite Care Centre

Topping out at the respite care centre in gdansk

The construction of a Respite Care Centre in Gdansk, which started in 2022, is moving onto the next stage. The ceremonial topping-out was accompanied by, among others, the JohnnyBros Foundation, a key donor to the project. The progress of the work is remarkable, however, the Hospice Foundation appeals - a considerable amount of money is still needed to finance the centre. Compared to last year's calculations, when construction began, the project costs have risen by as much as PLN 10 million.

Next phase of construction at the Respite Care Centre
respite care centre gdansk construction

On the 10th of January 2023, less than a year after the inauguration of the construction of the centre on Kopernika Street, the traditional topping-out ceremony of the Respite Care Centre in Gdańsk building took place in a beautiful location on the edge of the forest. The investment is being carried out by the Hospice Foundation, an extremely resilient and broad-based organisation dedicated, among other things, to the development of palliative and hospice care.

The RCC aims to help caregivers of people with illnesses and disabilities, enabling residents to have day and residential stays under the professional care of qualified professionals.

After the topping out ceremony, the assembled guests were invited inside the building, into the future meeting room, where Anna Janowicz, President of the Foundation, presented a visualisation of the Respite Care Centre's interior. The Centre in Gdańsk consists of three interconnected buildings. Among other things, there will be 24 rooms inside, both day rooms and rooms for two-week inpatient stays. Completion is planned for June 2023.

Interior of the Respite Care Centre

The event also featured a symbolic nail-driving ceremony by representatives of the governing authorities supporting the investment and sponsors, including Julian Pawlukiewicz, founder of the JohnnyBros Foundation, who donated PLN 6 million towards the construction of the Respite Care Centre in Gdańsk.

respite care centre donor johnnybros julian pawlukiewicz
"Notice, understand, support - #podarujurlop" - campaign to support caregivers

The interior of the building also showcased a gallery of images taken by local photographers depicting family caregivers. This is part of the Hospice Foundation's campaign to draw attention to the families and caregivers who care for their loved ones. They, among others, will be the beneficiaries of the Respite Care Centre in Gdańsk.

Campaign Notice Understand Support #podarujurlop

"These are a few family caregivers: people who agreed to let the six Gdańsk photographers into their homes and show what it means to care for their loved ones.” - Anna Janowicz, President of the Hospice Foundation, explains.“There is Ms. Karolina, among others, who has been caring for her mother with dementia for two years; there is Ms. Ewa, who has been caring for her son, who has been at home on a ventilator, for 17 years. The only communication with her son is.... eye movement. 17 years, 365 days a year day in and day out. Ms. Malgosia has been caring for her daughter for 39 years. Her daughter is 39 years old and is at the stage of development of a two-year-old. We can help them. In this building, Ms. Karolina, Ms. Ewa, Ms. Małgosia and anyone else who is caring for a loved one - be it a child or an adult - will find support here." - she adds.

Support for the construction of the Respite Care Centre

The progress of the construction work is extremely dynamic; unfortunately, the investment costs, initially estimated at around PLN 25 million, are rising just as fast. Currently they exceed this amount by almost PLN 10 million, which is why the Hospice Foundation encourages everyone to support the financing of the project.

Contributions can be directed to the JohnnyBros Foundation account, the main donor to the project: 21 2490 0005 0000 4530 2438 5795 (with the notation: 'Respite Care Centre') or directly to the Hospice Foundation: 60 1540 1098 2001 5562 3339 0002.

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