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The record-breaking donations from the jubilee edition of JohnnyBros Christmas Charity Campaign delivered to those in need.

Johnnybros foundation christmas charity campaign 2023

Every year during the holiday season, the JohnnyBros Foundation conducts a Christmas charity campaign and brings Christmas magic to those who need it most. In December 2023, marking the 10th anniversary of this Christmas aid, we supported beneficiaries from various foundations with a record-breaking amount of 200,000 PLN.

The idea for the Christmas charity donations initiative appeared in 2014. Its goal is to provide collective help to those in need, ensuring that the holidays are special and joyful for them. As part of the initiative, every employee can nominate an individual or foundation they want to support. Then, the JohnnyBros Foundation funds them before Christmas. This enables fulfilling the dreams of many children and adults whether it's their first-ever toy, a warm meal, or essential rehabilitation. The Foundation also supported animal care organizations, such as shelters or medical centres. Christmas charity is not only a way to spread goodness in the spirit of holiday generosity. It's also an opportunity to notice the diversity of needs and values that shape our community.

The jubilee edition of this unique Christmas donations initiative brought unforgettable moments to all involved. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of this event - as usual - we shared the joy and support with those who need it most. The fact that we received the most contributions from JohnnyBros employees this year makes us extremely happy! Consequently, the record-breaking amount of 200,000 PLN reached 43 individuals, foundations, and beneficiaries as a gesture of solidarity that made the Christmas season more beautiful. The nominated organisations included foundations that help people with disabilities, local hospital branches, and associations caring for animals. There were also many requests for support for children facing serious illnesses that require costly treatment and rehabilitation.

One of the recipients is Leszek, whom one of our employees told us about. “I would like to thank you very much for your donation. As a disabled person, I depend on state benefits, which are not very high - writes Leszek to us. “Every sum donated is very valuable to me and will be spent on the most urgent needs”.

johnnybros employee visiting christmas charity campaign beneficiary

Thanks to our international team, we also addressed the needs of individuals beyond the borders of Poland. That includes those outside of Europe as well. For example, the Christmas charity donations reached a Ukrainian scouting organization. It enables children from Ukraine to preserve traditions and connect with scouts worldwide beyond their country's borders. Additionally, support was extended to an orphanage and football academy in Honduras. This year, the JohnnyBros Foundation assistance also reached African countries, where it will contribute to the nutrition and education of the youngest ones.

"You can't change the world, they say. Maybe not at once, but I believe in the power of small steps. By helping one person from my hometown, I aim to make their private world better," says Weronika Stapurewicz, Online Marketing Specialist at JohnnyBros.

Throughout ten editions of the charity help during Christmas, we have provided financial support to more than 220 beneficiaries, resulting in an impressive outcome of 885,000 PLN.

However, we are not going to stop there. This year, we will make every effort to ensure that the JohnnyBros Foundation continues to be a community dedicated to assisting those in need.

To learn more about last year's edition and the origins of our charitable initiatives, see how we did last year.

the johnnybros foundation's christmas campaign helped over 200 beneficiaries, allocating over PLN 885,000 for this purpose
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