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The 9th edition of the JohnnyBros Christmas Aid

Johnnybros christmas aid 2022

The annual campaign conducted by the JohnnyBros Foundation in the run-up to Christmas, in which all employees can nominate individuals, organisations and foundations in need of support, has already become a tradition. By the end of 2022, a total of 42 beneficiaries - not only from Poland but also from abroad - had received help.

Continuously since 2014, JohnnyBros has been carrying out a Christmas charity campaign together with its employees. Everyone has the opportunity to nominate any person, family, organisation or foundation that needs help for various reasons. In 2022, as many as 42 beneficiaries were listed. These include, among others, sick people in need of costly treatment and rehabilitation, foundations working for people with disabilities, children from poor families, organisations supporting Ukrainian soldiers fighting at the front and entities helping animals.

​​The JohnnyBros team is made up of specialists from all over the world, hence the aid has gained an international reach, reaching, among others, Honduras, Ukraine and Hungary. This year, like the previous one, PLN 185,000 has been donated.

Last year, we jointly notified 26 organisations or people to whom our aid went. We helped the sick, the disabled, the excluded, those after difficult experiences, but also various foundations and animal shelters. And this year we are not indifferent to injustice, exclusion and poverty". - says Jakub Zyskowski, coordinator of the campaign.

Throughout the nine editions, JohnnyBros has provided in-kind and financial assistance to more than 200 beneficiaries with a total amount of approximately PLN 685,000. For more information about last year's edition and the origins of the entire campaign, please visit our News.

JohnnyBros Christmas aid
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